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Best-in-Class Billing & Coding Credentialing

Be in business for yourself – not by yourself
M-Squared Practice Solutions functions as an extension of your staff focused on maximizing your revenue and efficiency allowing you to get back to practicing medicine…


With M-Squared Practice Solutions’ success team, and our tried and true services working for you, you can be sure your billing and collections are well managed – day in and day out. Our focus is your success…


M-Squared Practice Solutions offers state-of-the-art billing and EMR IT solutions, or, we can apply our specialty specific and laser focused methods to optimize your collections using your existing technology systems


M-Squared Practice Solutions remains dedicated to enhancing your collections. You benefit by complete transparency, reporting, and analysis helping you make decisions to drive growth while easing the burden of practice management
Spend less time worrying about billing & collecting so you can focus on caring for your patients. You can treat your patients fully confident that our success team is driving your revenue cycle to new heights.


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M-Squared Practice Solutions offers best-in-class medical billing, coding and credentialing services. Our focus is simple; driving more revenue into your practice while decreasing medical billing costs; the result: increased profits for you to enjoy.

Our laser focused, specialty specific and expertly trained team will consistently deliver increased revenue for your services for a fraction of in-house billing staff costs.

You still practice the way you want, but will earn more for those services because we are experts in getting our clients paid quickly and efficiently.

  • Billing and coding experts for every specialty
  • Precise coding and fast claim submission
  • Dedicated practice consultants and transition team
  • Clear and concise reporting
  • Maximized reimbursement platforms
  • Fully United States based company and staff

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Best-In-Class Practice Management Services


M-Squared Practice Solutions develops a fully engaged, quality management support team to help improve your practice’s
performance, efficiency, and profitability. We offer a full range of comprehensive practice management services for solo and
group medical, dental, and healthcare practices.
Be in practice for yourself, not by yourself… “We will ensure the success of your practice – day in and day out – by providing Best-In-Class business support services so you can enjoy practicing without worrying about your business.” – Glenn Molin, MBA
Glenn Molin, MBA

  • 25 year veteran of  successful medical clinic development & growth
  • Medical practice business advisor across multiple specialties
  • Practice strategy & operations expert
Seth Molin, COO

  • Multi-Specialty and Surgi-Center practice administrator
  • Billing & Coding leader
  • Cyber-security, network and EMR certified
  • Revenue cycle management expert

“What Our Clients are Saying…”

We were busy, but just not making a profit.  A colleague recommended M-Squared Practice Solutions as a billing service provider.  I called and we connected immediately.  Three years later and still going strong! I couldn’t be happier with the results!”  Dr. Robert, White Flint Medical

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6101 Executive Blvd, Suite 280

Rockville, MD 20852

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